Koen launched several global educational projects which created lots of impact: the Kakuma project and several SDG projects inluding Human Differences, the Climate Action and the Innovation project.
In 2018 Koen launched the Innovation SDG labs in collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall.

Project Kakuma

The Kakuma project

KENYA | Launched: April 2015 | Ongoing

During a Skype call with an outreach officer in the Kakuma refugee camp, Koen promised him to help to increase the level of education in the camp by offering free Skype lessons to the refugee students.
The Kakuma refugee camp is based in Kenya and houses 200,000 refugees. The camp counts 30 schools

Koen shipped his personal laptop to the camp and thanks to crowdfunding he was able to ship a solar suitcase, another 20 laptops and internet infrastructure. He also was able to create a global community of 250 educators across 55 countries. These teachers now offer free Skype lessons 3 times a week.

This project was covered by National Geographic, Skype Blog and lots of media.
We still need your donations: Crowdfunding page

Climate Action project

Climate Action project

69 countries | Launched: Oct 2017

Every year Koen launches a project focussing on one or more UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Climate Action project involved 250 schools across 69 countries. During the project the students had to explore, brainstorm, create, discuss, present and share their findings via weekly videos to be published on the website Koen created. This way students learned from each other locally and in the next stage globally from their peers. During the last week they had Skype calls.

Studens took action (which rarely happens in formal education) by planting trees, doing marches, recycling, 3D printing coral reefs, developing biomass plants, etc.

This project created a lot of impact and was supported by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Greenpeace, Discovery Channel, Unesco, scientists and public figures. The project was covered by media in 30 countries.

Innovation project

Innovation project

85 countries | Launched: April 2018

Formal education tends to be limited to knowledge acquisition, memorization, examination and there is very little interaction and collaboration between different schools and even classrooms.

During the Innovation project students focussed on several UN SDGs and they created prototypes and tutorials. Students across 6 continents had fun and collaboration was key. Learning became more authentic and students were engaged. Teachers were offered a global platform.

This project was supported by Charlize Theron, OECD, CERN, National Geographic, etc

This project was covered by media across 4 continents.

Innovation SDG Labs

Innovation SDG Labs

Tanzania/Congo | Launched: Dec 2018 | Ongoing

This project was launched in collaboration with Jane Goodall. Innovation Lab Schools will be developed in several countries offering a free and quality education to hundreds of thousands children. The first labs will be equipped in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. In the second phase Morocco, Palestine, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

The project involves our own curriculum based on the UN SDGs. Labs are sponsored by Skype, Lego, Empatico & Participate, PXL, I3 Technologies and Edukans.